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Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of your questions can be answered in the Exhibitor Manual which is on this website. Please download the manual and keep it in a handy place to refer to it. The manual contains many of the necessary forms you need to participate in the show such as: Electrical Service, Telephone Order Forms, Contest Registration Form, and Discount Ticket Form.

To order furniture or carpeting, please refer to the Show Service Manual from Demes as the show becomes closer.

Some of the more frequently asked questions that may arise
have been posted in this area.

Am I required to have a health permit to serve food?

Yes. Any vendor that sells food products, whether prepared at the show, or pre-packaged, must obtain a health permit. Also, any vendor that gives out any food sample during the course of a product demonstration must also obtain a health permit. These permits may be obtained from the Town of West Springfield and they must be processed thirty days prior to the start of the show. There is no exception to this rule by the West Springfield Health Department.

The show producer is not responsible for obtaining these permits. No booth refunds will be issued to a vendor that fails to obtain the required health permit. As a show producer, we must submit a list of vendors that plan to prepare food or sell food products no less than 45 days in advance of the show, so we are unable to sell booth space to any food vendors after that time.

As of the present time, we request that you touch base with the local health department to see if you are able to give out food samples at the show due to the current health department guidelines.  Food samples may be prohibited or need to follow specific guidelines.  Even if you sell pre-packaged food products with no samples, you must obtain a health permit.

How do I complete my Certificate of Liability Insurance form?

The HBRA of Western Mass, the Eastern States Exposition and The “Original” Western Mass Home & Garden Show all need to be listed as additional insured for your company’s participation in our home show. Your form may email your certificate to Tina Smith at

If you are unable to obtain this insurance, you may be added to our liability policy for $125.

What is included in the price of my booth?

Your booth includes an eight foot draped backdrop, two draped side rails, a booth number and free electricity (one 110 line). All vendors will need to bring their own 50 foot heavy duty extension cord. Tables, chairs and carpeting are not provided with your booth. You can bring your own or rent these items from our Show Decorator. You are not required to have carpeting in your booth, although it is more comfortable for your employees to do so since the facility floors are concrete.

When can I set up my booth?

We will update this information when we have finalized the dates and times with the facility.

When do I get my exhibitor badges?

When you check into the show to set up your booth display, you will need to sign in at the show office. At this time, you will receive your exhibitor badges for your booth personnel.  (We do not mail them out prior to the show.)

All vendors must pay for their own parking to enter the Eastern States grounds. This fee is incurred by the show facility, not the show producer. The Eastern States will be selling the four day hang tags for vendors during show set-up. Those hours will be posted once they are finalized.

When is breakdown for the show?

All show vendors are required to maintain their booths until the show closes at 5:00 pm on Sunday.   Once the show is closed, vendors may proceed to break down their display and remove items out of the buildings. No vehicles will be allowed into the building until after the aisle carpet has been rolled up. Break down hours will be posted once we finalize the dates and times with the Eastern States Exposition.

– Please take all mulch, boxes of literature, display material and trash with you.
– Please load up your vehicle quickly as to not block the aisles.
– Remove all pilfer-able items from your booth display at the end of the show since there will not be overnight security in the building.
(Furniture, electronics, plants, merchandise, etc.)  Show management is not responsible for any missing items at the close of the show.

As a vendor, where do I park at the show?

An exhibitor may park anywhere on the show grounds except in fire lanes and handicap parking areas. There is a $5.00 fee per vehicle per entry which is collected by the Eastern States Exposition.

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